Table 13Labor management: Transmission by fetal monitoring

Author, Year
NFetal Monitoring During DeliveryComments/Resultsc
(95% CI)
Mast, 200552
181aInternal vs. external:
3/16 (18.8%) vs. 4/165 (2.4%),
RR 7.7 (1.9 to 31.6), p=0.02, unadjusted
Internal fetal monitoring, OR 6.7 (1.1 to 35.9), adjusted for maternal demographic characteristics, HCV RNA level, history of IVDU, and cigarette smoking during pregnancy.
McMenamin, 2008266
23bInfant HCV RNA+: 0/11 (0%)
Infant not tested for HCV: 12
RR not calculated
European Paediatric Hepatitis C Virus Network (Pembrey), 2001261
724aYes vs. no:
11/93 (11.8%) vs. 58/631 (9.2%)
RR 1.24 (95% CI 0.70 to 2.20)

CI = confidence interval; IVDU = intravenous drug use; HCV = hepatitis C virus; OR = odds ratio; RR = relative risk


0% HIV coinfected.


5.9% HIV coinfected in overall sample of 441.


Unadjusted unless otherwise indicated.

From: Results

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