Appendix C. Table 4Summary of study baseline characteristics for rotigotine trials

CharacteristicMean (range)
Unless otherwise note
Number of trials reporting
Total number of patients evaluated1371 (67 to 505)4
Age of subjects, years56.0 (52.4 to 59.4)4
Women, %65 (58 to 74)4
Race/ethnicity, white %97 (94 to 100)3
RLS disease duration, years2.1 (2.1 to 2.2)2 a,c
Baseline IRLS total score (range 0 to 40)*26.2 (23.3 to 28.1)4
Studies with a mean IRLS score >30, indicating severe disease*none-
Previous RLS therapy, %60.1 (35.8 to 80.8)4
Trial duration (double-blind phase), weeks21.2 (7 to 29)4
Trials with a duration ≥6 months, % (number of patients)70 (963)2 a,b
Trials conducted in the Europe, % (number of patients)63 (866)3 bd
Trials conducted in the US, % (number of patients)49 (505)1 a
Trials conducted in the Australia, Europe and North America, % (number of patients)none-

IRLS = International Restless Legs Scale




Trenkwalder 2008;


Oertel 2010;


Oertel 2008.


Scoring criteria are: Mild (score 1–10); Moderate (score 11–20); Severe (score 21–30); Very severe (score 31–40)

From: Appendix C, Baseline Characteristics Tables

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