Appendix D. Table 2Individual Study Quality for the alpha-2-delta ligands trials

StudyAllocation concealmentBlindingIntention-to treat analysesWithdrawals adequately describedQuality
Bogan, 201021UnclearDoubleNo, one subject withdrew consent (<1%)YesFair
Lee, 201118AdequateDouble*No, IRLS score at baseline and at least once during treatment required (4 excluded, 1%)YesGood
Winkelman, 201119AdequateDouble*No, post-baseline data requiredYesGood
Allen, 201020AdequateDoubleYesYesGood
Garcia-Borreguero**, 201022AdequateDoubleYesYesGood
Kushida, 200923UnclearDoubleNo, treatment and post-baseline data required (2 excluded, <1%)YesFair
Garcia-Borreguero, 200224AdequateDoubleNo, treatment required (2 excluded from each phase* 8.3%)YesGood

Double blinding denotes participants and investigators;


crossover trial.

From: Appendix D, Study Quality/Risk of Bias Tables

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