Table A5Acute Migraine review - 4 CDSR, DARE, MEDLINE In-Process, PASCAL, IPA

  1. migrain$.mp.
  2. (headach$ or head-ach$).mp.
  3. (cephalgi$ or cephalalgi$).mp.
  4. or/1–3
  5. (serotonin adj2 agonist?).mp.
  6. sumatript$.mp.
  7. zolmitript$.mp.
  8. rizatrip$.mp.
  9. eletript$.mp.
  10. naratript$.mp.
  11. almotript$.mp.
  12. frovatript$.mp.
  13. ergot alkaloid?.mp.
  14. dihydroergotami$.mp.
  16. ergotami$.mp.
  17. analgesic?.mp.
  19. (acetaminofeno or acetominophen or apap or asetaminofen or paracetamol or paracetamolis or paracetamolum or parasetamol or parasetamoli).mp.
  20. (NSAIA? or NSAID?).mp.
  21. ((nonsteroidal or non-steroidal) adj anti-inflammator$).mp.
  23. (acetylsalicylic acid or ASA).mp.
  24. (acetilsalicilico or acetilszalicilsav or acetylsalicyl$ or asetilsalisilik or asetyylisalisyylihappo or acetylosalicylowy).mp.
  25. diclofen$.mp.
  26. (diklofen$ or diclophen$).mp.
  27. ibuprofen$.mp.
  29. (ketoprof$ or dexketoprofeno).mp.
  30. ketorola$.mp.
  31. naprox$.mp.
  32. naprok$.mp.
  33. narcotic?.mp.
  34. (morphin* or morfiini* or morfin*).mp.
  35. buprenorphin*.mp.
  36. butorphanol$.mp.
  37. butorfanol$.mp.
  38. codein$.mp.
  39. (kodeiini or kodein or kodeina or kodeinas or methylmorphine or metilmorfina or morphine methyl ether).mp.
  41. hydromorphon*.mp.
  42. meperidin$.mp.
  43. (pethidin$ or petidiinihydrokloridi or petidin$ or petidinhydroklorid or petydyny).mp.
  44. nalbuphin$.mp.
  45. nalbufin$.mp.
  46. tramadol$.mp.
  47. propofol$.mp.
  49. ketamin$.mp.
  50. (acide valproique or acido dipropilacetico or acido valproico or acidum valproicum or dipropylacetic acid or DPA or kyselina valproova or natrii valproas or natrio valproatas or natriumvalproaatti or natriumvalproat or natrium-valproat or valproat$ or valproic acid or valproiinihappo or valproik asit or valproine rugutis or valproinsav or valproinsyra).mp.
  51. (antiemetic$ or anti-emetic$).mp.
  52. (haloperidol* or aloperidolo).mp.
  54. phenothiazin$.mp.
  55. chlorpromazin$.mp.
  56. (klooripromatsiini$ or klorpromazin$ or aminazine or chlor#promaz$).mp.
  57. promethazin$.mp.
  58. (prometatsiini or prometazin$).mp.
  59. methotrimeprazin$.mp.
  60. (levomeproma$ or lewomepromazyny).mp.
  61. prochlorperazin$.mp.
  62. (chlormeprazine or prochlorpemazine or proklooriperatsiini or proklorperazin).mp.
  63. ondansetron$.mp.
  64. droperidol$.mp.
  65. metoclopramid$.mp.
  66. metoklopramid$.mp.
  67. domperidon$.mp.
  68. (antihistamin$ or anti-histamin$).mp.
  69. diphenhydramin$.mp.
  70. (benzhydramin$ or difenhidramin$ or difenhydramiinihydrokloridi or difenhydramin$ or dimedrolum).mp.
  71. dimenhydrinat$.mp.
  72. (chloranautine or dimenhidrinat$ or dimenhydramina or dimenhydrina$ or diphenhydramin$).mp.
  73. butalbital$.mp.
  74. (alisobumalum or allylbarbit$ or butalbitaali or butalbitalum or itobarbital or tetrallobarbital).mp.
  75. (Botuliinitoksiini tyyppi A or Botulinum Toxin Type A or Botulinum A Toksini or Toxin typ A mot botulism or Toxina botulinica A or Toxine botulinique type A or Toxinum Botulinicum Typum A).mp.
  76. lidocain$.mp.
  77. (lidokaiini or lidokain$ or lignocain$).mp.
  78. xylocain$.mp.
  80. ((nitric or nitrous) adj oxide).mp.
  81. (magnesium adj (sulfat$ or sulphat$)).mp.
  82. (drug adj2 combination?).mp.
  83. (combin? adj2 (therap$ or treatment?)).mp.
  84. placebo$.mp.
  85. (pharmacologic adj manag$).mp.
  86. (abortive adj therap$).mp.
  87. or/5–86
  88. (coritson* or kortison* or kortizon* or kortyzon*).mp.
  89. glucocorticoid?.mp.
  90. (corticosteroid? or steroid$).mp.
  91. betamethason$.mp.
  92. (beetametasoni or betadexamethasone or betametason$ or betametazon$ or flubenisolon$).mp.
  93. (budesonid* or budezonid*).mp.
  94. dexamethason$.mp.
  95. (deksametason$ or desamethason$ or dexametason$ or dexametazon$ or hexadecadrol).mp.
  96. hydrocortison$.mp.
  97. (cortisol or hidrocortisona or hidrokortizon$ or hydrocortisonum or hydrokortison$ or hydrokortyzon).mp.
  98. methylprednisolon$.mp.
  99. (meilprednizolon or methyl-prednisolon$ or metilprednisolon$ metilprednizolonas or metylprednisolon or metyyliprednisoloni).mp.
  100. prednisolon$.mp.
  101. (deltahydrocortisone or metacortandralone or prednizolon$).mp.
  102. prednison$.mp.
  103. (deltacortisone or deltadehydrocortisone or metacortandracin or prednizon$).mp.
  104. triamcinolon$.mp.
  105. (fluoxiprednisolonum or triamcynolon or triamsinoloni).mp.
  106. or/88–105
  107. or/5–105
  108. (IM or intramuscular$ or intra-muscular$).mp.
  109. (IV or intravenous$ or intra-venous$).mp.
  110. (SC or subcutan$ or sub-cutan$ or sub-cu?).mp.
  111. (parenteral$ adj2 (inject$ or administ$ or therap$ or treatment?)).mp.
  112. or/108–111
  113. ((family or general) adj2 practice?).mp.
  114. ((emerg or emergenc$) adj3 (department? or ward? or service? or unit? or room? or hospital? or care or medicin$ or treatment? or admission?)).mp.
  115. ED?.mp.
  116. ER?.mp.
  117. (ambulatory adj2 (clinic? or care or centre? or center? or service?)).mp.
  118. ((out-patient or outpatient) adj2 (clinic? or care or centre? or center? or service?)).mp.
  119. (community adj2 (service? or care)).mp.
  120. (primary adj2 care).mp.
  121. (urgent adj2 care).mp.
  122. ((pain or headache or head-ache or walkin or walk-in) adj2 (clinic? or centre? or center? or service? or unit?)).mp.
  123. or/113–122
  124. and/4,107,112,123
  125. and/87,112
  126. or/106,125
  127. and/4,123,126
  128. 127 not 124

From: Appendix A, Search Strategies

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