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Patnode CD, O'Connor E, Whitlock EP, et al. Primary Care Relevant Interventions for Tobacco Use Prevention and Cessation in Children and Adolescents: A Systematic Evidence Review for the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force [Internet]. Rockville (MD): Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (US); 2012 Dec. (Evidence Syntheses, No. 97.)

Cover of Primary Care Relevant Interventions for Tobacco Use Prevention and Cessation in Children and Adolescents

Primary Care Relevant Interventions for Tobacco Use Prevention and Cessation in Children and Adolescents: A Systematic Evidence Review for the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force [Internet].

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Appendix EComparison of Included Studies

StudyUSPSTF Review, 2012PreventionCessation
Christakis, 200373Thomas, 200743PHS, 200863Grimshaw, 200939Sussman, 200961Reason for Exclusion in Current USPSTF Review
Adelman, 2001123XClassroom based intervention
Ary, 1990124XXClassroom based intervention
Audrey, 2006125XClassroom based intervention
Ausems, 200285XNA
Aveyard, 200126XX*Classroom based intervention
Baskerville, 1993127XQuasi-experimental
Bauman, 2001100XXX*NA
Beaglehole, 1978128XClassroom based intervention
Biglan, 1987129XClassroom based intervention
Bloor, 1999130XClassroom based intervention
Brown, 2003131XXXAdolescents with psychiatric disorders
Chan, 1988132XXFreshman dorms
Charlton, 1992133XClassroom based intervention
Cinnomin, 1995134XClassroom based intervention
Colby, 200587XXXXNA
Colby, 2012104XNA
Coleman-Wallace, 1999135XQuasi-experimental
Connell, 2007136XClassroom based intervention
Cullen, 1996137XLong-term followup for child behavior disorders
Curry, 200311XXNA
Diguisto, 1994138XQuasi-experimental
Dino, 1998139XQuasi-experimental
Dino, 2001 (Prev Med)140XXQuasi-experimental
Dino, 2001 (J School Nurs)141XQuasi-experimental
Dishion, 1995142XNo relevant outcomes
Elder, 1996143XSchool policy intervention
Etter, 1999144XQuasi-experimental
Fidler, 200188XXNA
Forman, 1990145XClassroom based intervention
Forster, 1998146XCommunity intervention
Glasgow, 1999147XMean age >18 years
Gray, 201189XNA
Greenberg, 1978148XXQuasi-experimental
Haggerty, 200790XNA
Hamilton, 2005149XClassroom based intervention
Hancock, 2001150XCommunity intervention
Hoffman, 2008151XSchool intervention
Hollis, 200591XXXNA
Horn, 1999152XSchool intervention
Horn, 2004153XXQuasi-experimental
Horn, 2005154XXQuasi-experimental
Horn, 2005 (Prev Chronic Dis)155XQuasi-experimental
Horn, 2007156XXXHigh or differential attrition
Horswell, 1997157XQuasi-experimental
Hotte, 1997158XQuasi-experimental
Hovell, 199681XXNA
Jackson, 200692XXNA
Jason, 1982159XClassroom based intervention
Josendal, 1998160XExcluded at abstract stage
Kelly, 2006161XControl group received active intervention
Kentala, 199993XXXNA
Killen, 1988 162XClassroom based intervention
Killen, 200494XXNA
Kohler, 2005163XQuasi-experimental
Knutsen, 1991164XTobacco use not primary target
Kohler, 2008165XX*Quasi-experimental
Lando, 200795XX*NA
Lazovich, 2001166XContingency-based court diversion
Lipkus, 2004167XXControl group received active intervention
Lotecka, 1983168XQuasi-experimental
Moolchan, 2005169XHigh attrition
Muramoto, 200796XXNA
Murray, 1994170XQuasi-experimental
Myers, 2005171XXXQuasi-experimental
Nutbeam, 1993172XClassroom based intervention
Olds, 1998173XEarly childhood home visitation targeting children's antisocial behavior
Patten, 2006174XControl group received active intervention
Pbert, 2006175XQuasi-experimental
Pbert, 200879XNA
Pbert, 201180XNA
Perry, 1980176XClassroom based
Peterson, 1986177XQuasi-experimental
Peterson, 2009178XSetting
Prado, 200797XNA
Quinlan, 2000179XMean age >18 years
Reddy, 2002180XSchool intervention
Rigotti, 1997181XQuasi-experimental
Robinson, 2003182XXXPopulation (students violating smoking policy at school)
Rodgers, 2005183XMean age >18 years
Salminen, 2005184XHigh or differential attrition
Schinke, 2004185XTobacco use is not primary target
Sherbot, 2005186XFollowup <6 months
Spoth, 2001187XSchool intervention
Spoth, 2002188XSchool intervention
Stevens, 200298XXXNA
Stoddard, 2005189XWork site intervention
Storr, 2002190XClassroom based intervention
Suedfeld, 1972191XFollowup <6 months
Sussman, 1995192XSchool intervention
Sussman, 2001193XXClassroom based
Sussman, 2002194XClassroom based
Sussman, 2007195XClassroom based
Winkleby, 2004196XClassroom based
Woodruff, 2007197XSetting
Wu, 2003198XControl group received active intervention
Yiming, 2000108XFollowup <6 months
Zack, 2005199XSchool intervention
Zavela, 1991200XSchool intervention
Zheng, 2004201XSchool intervention

Cited a publication associated with the same trial.

Other reasons for exclusion could have applied; only one reason was noted in this table.

The Sussman review had 64 citations in the meta-analysis. One citation was listed six times (once for each cohort presented in the study) and is only listed in this table once.

Abbreviations: NA = not applicable; USPSTF = U.S. Preventive Services Task Force.


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