BOX 1Patient Recruitment/Public Engagement Initiatives That Have Not Worked in Our Experience

  • Television campaigns aimed at engaging patients (Mackenzie et al., 2010)

    Very costly, raised awareness but did not change recruitment

  • Advertisements in local and national newspapers and local radio

    Costly, ineffective, and attracted small numbers of mostly unsuitable subjects

  • Publicity for clinical trials in local newspaper articles

    Attracted mostly unsuitable subjects

  • Study-specific websites (i.e.,

    Did not attract study subjects

  • Multiple revisions of patient letters from family doctors

    Did not affect patient response rate

    Follow-up letters to non-responders were not effective

  • Postage options

    Normal, first-class, registered/courier delivery made no difference in patient response rate

  • Publicised open public meetings to discuss clinical research with suitable patients also invited on an individual basis by physicians (including general talks of interest, i.e., a physiotherapist discussing exercises for arthritis

    Public meetings did not attract patients

From: Appendix J, Discussion Paper: Novel Ways to Get Good Trial Data: The UK Experience

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