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Baculovirus Molecular Biology, 3rd edition


Author Information

This is the third edition of a book that was initiated with the annotation of the function of all the genes in the most commonly studied baculovirus, AcMNPV. The second and third editions involved the update of this information and its integration into chapters covering the major processes central to the replication and pathology of baculoviruses. Topics including taxonomy, the application of baculoviruses as insecticides, the molecular basis for the remarkable ability of these viruses to express genes at high levels, and the interrelationships of baculovirus and transposable elements are also covered. The third edition also contains information on the development of bacmid technology. The chapters include 46 figures and 13 tables, all available for download.


The Department of Microbiology at Oregon State University is sponsoring Baculovirus Molecular Biology in association with the author.

Copyright © 2013, George Rohrmann.

Except where otherwise indicated, this work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License

Bookshelf ID: NBK114593PMID: 24479205


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