TABLE 9-2Summary of Financial Assistance for Assistive Technology in Selected Federal Programs

Category of Assistive Technologya Older Americans Act Selected Housing Programs Supplemental Security Income IRWE and PASSb Vocational Rehabilitation
Personal ATs for activities of daily living No Yes Yes
Personal mobility ATs No Yes Yes
Orthotics and prostheses No Yes Yes
Hearing, vision, and speech ATs; and augmentative communication No Yes Yes
Cognitive ATs No Yes Yes
Transportation ATs No Yes Yes
Home modifications Yes Yes Yes Yes

AT = assistive technology.


IRWE = Impaired Related Work Expenses program; PASS = Plan for Achieving Self-Support (if the equipment may enable the person to work). These provisions, in effect, subsidize assistive technologies for some individuals who have qualified for Social Security Income.

From: 9, Coverage of Assistive Technologies and Personal Assistive Services

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