TABLE G-4Complementary Paratransit Cost and Ridership Patterns for People With and Without Disabilities

System and City Total Annual System Ridershipa(in millions) Annual Paratransit Ridershipa(in millions) Paratransit as a % of Total Ridership Paratransit as a % of Operating Costs
Chicago (IL) Transit Authority 484,811 1,438 0.3 3.7
Los Angeles, CAb 428,504 1,904 0.4 8.2
MARTA (Atlanta, GA) 164,078 192 0.1 4.0
Kansas City (MO) Metro Transit 100,626 1,686 1.7 12.0
Tri-County Metro (Portland, OR) 91,186 782 0.9 7.4
Greater Cleveland, OH, RTA 60,094 317 0.5 6.5
Capital Metro Transit Authority (Austin, TX) 33,987 359 1.1 17.5
SUNTRAN (Tucson, AZ) 15,865 295 1.9 17.1
Hillsborough Area Regional Transit Authority (Tampa, FL) 9,815 14 0.1 4.5
Birmingham-Jefferson Co. Transit Authority (AL) 2,775 113 4.1 11.1

Unlinked trips (e.g., having to transfer buses or transfer from a bus to a train on the way to work creates two unlinked trips; the more transfers the more unlinked trips created by just a one-way journey to work).


Data are from four Los Angeles-area reports.

From: G, Transportation Patterns and Problems of People with Disabilities

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