TABLE G-3Types of Driving Self-Regulation by People With and Without Disabilities

Percentage of People
Type of Self-Regulation With Disabilities Without Disabilities
Drive less in bad weather 66.3 49.8
Drive less often than before 64.5 32.2
Avoid driving during peak hours 58.0 42.0
Avoid busy roads and intersections 51.7 40.0
Avoid driving at night 51.5 25.8
Avoid driving distances >100 miles 47.2 21.9
Avoid high-speed highways 38.4 21.8
Avoid unfamiliar roads or places 38.0 27.5
Drive slower than speed limits 22.0 14.9
Avoid left-hand turns 11.4 8.4

NOTE: Multiple responses were permitted; the sample sizes were very small.

SOURCE: Table 37, U.S. BTS (2003a).

From: G, Transportation Patterns and Problems of People with Disabilities

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