TABLE 6-1Some Commercial Resources for Assay of Human Gene Expression Using cDNA Microarrays

Company NameProductsSubstratesamRNA-Labeling MethodsNumber of GenesbCost
GeneChip®ChipscBiotin-labeled12,000 full-length cDNA & 50,000 ESTd clusters in 5 subsetsList: $10,000/subset
Contract: $5,000/subset
Custom arraysAvailable
Atlas™ ArrayGlass slidesRadio-labeled or Fluorescence-labeled1,081 cDNAs$750
Nylon MembranesRadio-labeled3,600 cDNAs in 3 subsets$1,395/subset
Cell function-specific (e.g., apoptosis, cell cycle, etc.) arraysAvailable
(Research Genetics)
GeneFilters®Nylon MembranesRadio-labeled30,000 cDNAs on 6 membrans$960/membrane
Tissue-specific (prostate, ovary, breast, colon, DermArray skin) cDNA arrays$1,440/membrane
GeneConnection™ Discovery-3′ MicroarraysGlass slidesFluorescence-labeled4,000 cDNAs$995

The materials on which oligonucleotides (short single strand DNA fragments) or cDNA fragments are immobilized.


Each gene is represented by 16-20 pairs of specific 25-mer oligonucleotides (e.g., Affymetrix) or by a denatured double strand cDNA fragment, typically 300-1000 base pairs, from the 3' end of each of these cDNAs.


The Affymetrix's substrate is proprietary. They contain oligonucleotides in high-density arrays immobilized on glass wafers by combinations of solid-phase chemical synthesis with photolithographic fabrication techniques employed in the semiconductor industry.


EST: expressed sequence tags. These are short (∼200 base pairs) sequences from the 3' end of a cDNA clone (i.e., an expressed gene).

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