BOX 2National Disaster Recovery Framework Excerpts

Leadership and Local Primacy

“Successful recovery requires informed and coordinated leadership throughout all levels of government, sectors of society, and phases of the recovery process. It recognizes that local, State and Tribal governments have primary responsibility for the recovery of their communities and play the lead role in planning for and managing all aspects of community recovery. This is a basic, underlying principle that should not be overlooked by State, Federal and other disaster recovery managers. States act in support of their communities, evaluate their capabilities, and provide a means of support for overwhelmed local governments. The Federal Government is a partner and facilitator in recovery, prepared to enlarge its role when the disaster impacts relate to areas where Federal jurisdiction is primary or affects national security. The Federal Government, while acknowledging the primary role of local, State and Tribal governments, is prepared to vigorously support local, State and Tribal governments in a large-scale disaster or catastrophic incident.” (FEMA, 2011, pp. 9-10 [emphasis added])

Achieving Disaster Recovery

“Recovery is more than the community's return to pre-disaster circumstances, especially when the community determines that these circumstances are no longer sustainable, competitive or functional as shown by the community's post-disaster condition. A successful recovery in this case may include a decision to relocate all or some portion of the community assets and restoration of the affected area to a more natural environment. In these circumstances, the community recovery decision making is informed by evaluating all alternatives and options and avoiding simple rebuilding or reconstructing of an area that continues to be vulnerable.” (FEMA, 2011, p. 13 [emphasis added])

SOURCE: Craig presentation (February 23, 2012) citing FEMA (2011).

From: Workshop Summary

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