TABLE 4-5Prevalence of Medical Conditions by Race and Sex, AHEAD Sample (Ages 70 and Over)

Medical ConditionWhite (%)Black (%)White (%)Black (%)
High blood pressure42.259.750.867.2
Diseases of the lung14.310.810.54.4
Heart condition37.225.528.126.1
Heart attack in last 5 years9.
Emotional or psychiatric problems8.48.812.412.2
Arthritis, rheumatism in last year17.330.625.540.9
Broken hip3.
Cataract surgery23.320.429.026.4
Often bothered by pain27.431.235.136.3
Pain keeps person from activities53.058.859.959.7

SOURCE: Health and Retirement Survey (HRS) data for 1993.

From: 4, Race, Socioeconomic Status, and Health in Late Life

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