TABLE 1-1Reference Nutrient Values Used by Various Countries and Groups

Country/RegionYearNumber of Life-Stage GroupsaNumber of Infant GroupsAge at which Males and Females are First Treated Separately (years)EAR
European Communityc19939111
Nordic countries198913211
United Kingdom199114411
United States198913211

NOTE: EAR, Estimated Average Requirement. United Kingdom: the required intake of a group of people for energy, protein, a vitamin, or a mineral. About half will usually need more than the EAR and half less.

RDI and RDNI, Recommended Daily Nutrient Intake: the average nutrient intake that meets the requirement needs of 50 percent of a group. The remaining 50 percent of the group will have requirements above the RDI.

RNI, Reference Nutrient Intake or AI, Adequate Intake. United Kingdom, Netherlands: an amount of the nutrient that is enough or more than enough to meet the needs of about 97 percent of people in a group. Canada: RNI = the recommended nutrient intakes of essential nutrients.

PRI, Population Reference Intake: the intake that is enough for virtually all healthy people within a group.

RDA, Recommended Dietary Allowance. United States: the intake that meets the nutrient needs of 97 to 98 percent of a group. Netherlands: the intake that meets the nutrient needs of practically all healthy people in a defined population/age category; applied to planning the food supply for the population group (similar to PRI).


Males and females treated separately after age 7, 10, or 11.


Except for energy.


Adults >18 years all grouped together; age < 6 months not addressed.

From: 1, Dietary Reference Intakes

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