TABLE 10-8Changes in Predicted Probabilities from MNL: Living Arrangements of Males, Aged 55+, in 2007

Living AloneWith SpouseWith Adult ChildOther Living Arr.
Pr (y|x)0.2090.6590.1240.008
xsd(x)Ave. |Change|With SpouseWith Adult ChildOther Living Arr.Living Alone (base)
Marginal Effect
Number of sons2.1511.499
 ± 1 standard deviation0.023−0.0180.043−0.0270.002
 Marginal effect0.031−0.0340.061−0.026−0.001
Number of daughters2.1491.434
 ± 1 standard deviation0.023−0.0150.046−0.005−0.026
 Marginal effect0.021−0.0340.042−0.0090.000
Max. years of children’s educ.6.0605.073
 ± 1 standard deviation0.0110.022−0.006−0.014−0.014
 Marginal effect0.0020.004−0.001−0.0030.000
Discrete Change from 0 to 1
Own age
 Aged 60–690.4180.4930.0390.057−0.0780.0120.010
 Age 700.2750.4470.0870.131−0.1740.0290.014
Own education
 Completed primary0.3130.4640.032−0.0600.0500.015−0.005
 Completed junior high0.2670.4420.044−0.0760.088−0.008−0.003
 Completed senior high0.2380.4260.090−0.1350.179−0.038−0.007
Maximum age of child > 150.9450.2280.0420.085−0.037−0.045−0.003
Divorced/widowed/never married0.0170.1310.088−0.1760.1250.0110.039
Spouse’s age
 Aged 60–690.0430.2020.0170.010−0.0320.023−0.002
 Age 700.0030.0580.3460.059−0.6920.5690.064
Spouse’s education
 Completed primary0.3340.4720.0160.000−0.0330.0300.002
 Completed junior high0.2060.4050.005−0.0030.009−0.006−0.001
 Completed senior high0.1360.3430.0250.018−0.0460.031−0.003
Rural labor participation
 Spouse working0.4670.4990.0340.067−0.0670.0000.001
 Any child working0.3250.4690.032−0.0510.065−0.013−0.001
Health status
 Any problem with ADLs0.1060.3080.0050.010−0.005−0.003−0.002
 “Poor” GHS0.1070.3090.015−0.0300.0200.0080.002

NOTE: This table is based on regressions in Appendix Table 10-A1, Specification 2.

SOURCE: Author’s calculation based on data from Indonesia Family Life Survey, IFLS1 and IFLS4.

From: 10, Household Dynamics and Living Arrangements of the Elderly in Indonesia: Evidence from a Longitudinal Survey

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