APPENDIX TABLE 10-A2MNL of Living Arrangements, 1993–2007, Females, 55+, in 2007 (living alone is the base outcome)

Specification 1Specification 2
with spousewith an adult childotherwith spousewith an adult childother
Aged 60–690.588*−2.100.465***−3.430.654−1.521.0810.280.156−1.820.998−0.01
Aged 70+0.237***−5.040.294***−5.220.632−1.561.1830.490.157−2.051.4621.10
Some primary school1.6992.191.4741.911.696*2.091.1600.560.2450.571.3941.24
Completed primary1.4021.181.2370.901.1100.340.897−0.330.208−0.850.825−0.56
Completed junior high2.148*2.051.902*2.011.2990.611.3820.700.4410.380.918−0.17
# of living sons0.908−1.541.123*2.350.875*−2.010.836**−2.650.0540.370.835**−2.60
# of living daughters1.0981.391.327***5.091.202**2.681.0580.800.073***4.131.179*2.34
Age of oldest child0.386−0.850.448−0.760.695−0.290.313−1.010.268−1.290.557−0.46
Spouse aged 60–690.404***−3.340.112**−3.160.394**−3.14
Spouse aged 70+0.155***−4.340.117**−3.140.256**−3.20
Spouse, some primary sch.1.1520.500.3070.851.1790.54
Spouse, compl. primary2.0021.940.646*2.261.7331.42
Spouse, compl. junior high0.813−0.480.4510.611.1240.25
Divorced/widowed/never married0.010−4.390.252−0.500.597−1.36
Max. education of children1.0421.730.021***3.661.0190.74
Spouse working3.544***4.420.440**2.972.176**2.63
Child working1.0750.310.3543.581.1800.71
Any ADL problem1.0690.270.191−0.121.1040.40
Poor GHS0.540−2.010.145−2.040.748−0.99
Number of observations2,0182,016
Likelihood ratio (Chi-squared)585.1590.2
Pseudo R-squared0.1380.139

NOTES: The sample consists of females aged 55–85 in 2007 of whom 1993 data are available and who had at least one living child in 1993. Relative risk ratios are reported. Province dummy variables are included in the regressions but not reported.

* denotes p < 0.05; ** p < 0.01; *** p < 0.001.

SOURCE: Author’s calculation based on data from Indonesia Family Life Survey, IFLS1 and IFLS4.

From: 10, Household Dynamics and Living Arrangements of the Elderly in Indonesia: Evidence from a Longitudinal Survey

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