TABLE 12-5Description of Other Characteristics: Community

Community-Level VariablesOverallUrbanRuralZhejiangGansu
% of female0.5010.5330.4860.5010.504
# of big surnames1.6151.4761.6791.4281.831
# of kindergartens1.0981.4790.7191.1680.979
distance from kindergarten2.5510.8930.6751.9323.436
# of primary school0.6510.4440.8150.3581.003
distance from primary school0.7721.9914.1502.9980.129
# of middle schools0.1880.2910.1060.1910.185
distance from middle school3.1901.9933.1061.3053.590
# of senior high schools0.0450.1010.0000.0660.019
distance from senior high school11.4615.84815.7898.12915.588
# of post offices0.1810.3130.0760.1630.203
distance from post office4.2242.0576.0002.8095.989
# of libraries0.4380.6570.2640.6290.209
distance from the library8.7263.36312.7652.55216.255
# of theatres0.0850.1700.0170.0730.099
distance from the theatre13.3675.46919.8757.34721.004
# of nursing homes0.0810.1280.0430.0950.064
distance from nursing home9.4916.66811.6193.84818.530
# of bus lines2.1233.3061.1942.8801.197
distance from bus line2.2530.8863.3130.4344.502
distance from train station81.81181.66581.91584.84678.399
% of people having telephones64.71473.17860.80074.21853.716
% of people having cellphones77.01388.54971.67988.81563.355
Whether the medical care is poor0.0170.0230.0130.0000.036
Log public expenditure during the past year8.51410.4697.62111.9364.560
Log per capita income8.1248.5847.7918.9057.253

SOURCE: Data from CHARLS 2008 Pilot.

From: 12, Effects of Social Activities on Cognitive Functions: Evidence from CHARLS

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