Bar graph showing cognitive performance on tests of immediate and delayed word recall among respondents 45 years and older by sex

FIGURE 3-2Cognitive performance among respondents 45 years and older by gender

NOTES: The immediate word recall task asks respondents to recall as many words as they can from a list of 10 words immediately after the interviewer reads them aloud. Delayed word recall asks respondents to name as many words as they can after completion of a cognitive functioning questionnaire. Both delayed and immediate word recall are scored with a maximum of 10 words. Total word recall is the sum of these two. Three lists of 10 words were used, and were randomly assigned to a respondent. The standard deviation for immediate word recall pooled across both men and women was 1.9, 2.0 for delayed recall, and 3.5 for total word recall. Data for the graph are limited to respondents who self-reported an age of at least 45 years. Statistics reported in the figure are weighted by the pooled-state weight.

SOURCE: Data from Longitudinal Aging Study in India (LASI) Pilot Wave.

From: 3, Longitudinal Aging Study in India: Vision, Design, Implementation, and Preliminary Findings

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