TABLE 13-5Hypertension, Underdiagnosis, and Medication Take Up, Age 45+

PANEL A. Incidence of hypertension, diagnosis, and medication take up
 % measured as hypertensive43.844.244.252.649.652.7
 % not measured, but diagnosed as hypertensivea6.511.6
Total hypertensive (%)b43.844.450.752.65063.3
PANEL B. Underdiagnosis of hypertension by completed education, adults 45+c
 no schooling79.069.5
 primary schooling74.458.2
 junior high73.252.1
 senior high +68.062.1
 all adults 45+73.662.1
PANEL C. Hypertensive and not taking medication, by completed education, aged 45+d
 no schooling91.592.6
 primary schooling89.189.3
 junior high73.679.4
 senior high +77.986.8
 all adults 45+85.089.2

Diagnosed” if answered “Yes” to the question “Has a doctor/nurse/paramedic ever told you that you have hypertension?” The question was only asked in 2007. Percentages of those diagnosed with hypertension are out of individuals aged 45+.


Percentages are out of individuals 45+.


Percentages are out of individuals 45+ who are measured and/or diagnosed to be hypertensive.


Percentages are out of individuals 45+ who are diagnosed to be hypertensive.

SOURCE: Data from IFLS Waves 2–4.

From: 13, Socioeconomic Success and Health in Later Life: Evidence from the Indonesia Family Life Survey

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