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Purves D, Augustine GJ, Fitzpatrick D, et al., editors. Neuroscience. 2nd edition. Sunderland (MA): Sinauer Associates; 2001.

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Neuroscience. 2nd edition.

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Figure 11.4. Structure of the retina.

Figure 11.4

Structure of the retina. (A) Section of the retina showing overall arrangement of retinal layers. (B) Diagram of the basic circuitry of the retina. A three-neuron chain—photoreceptor, bipolar cell, and ganglion cell—provides the most direct route for transmitting visual information to the brain. Horizontal cells and amacrine cells mediate lateral interactions in the outer and inner plexiform layers, respectively. The terms inner and outer designate relative distances from the center of the eye (inner, near the center of the eye; outer, away from the center, or toward the pigment epithelium).

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