Table 81Evidence summary table: chlorpromazine versus clozapine

OutcomeStudiesParticipantsEffect EstimateI2Favors
Positive symptoms
BPRS - cluster of four key items9412683.00 (1.91, 4.09)NEclozapine
BPRS - hostility subscale63,109,154,15843550.25 (−0.43, 0.94)43%ND
BPRS - psychotic subscale1521640.11 (−0.26, 0.48)NEND
NOSIE - Irritability subscale1521640.59 (0.26, 0.92)NEclozapine
NOSIE - Volitional Lack/Hallucination subscale152164−0.09 (−0.60, 0.42)NEND
Negative symptoms
BPRS - Anergia subscale63,109,154,16043740.30 (−0.65, 1.25)0%ND
NOSIE - Depression subscale1521640.81 (0.36, 1.26)NEclozapine
SANS - Affective blunting subscale10911641.20 (0.00, 2.40)NEND
SANS - Alogia subscale10911640.30 (−0.46, 1.06)NEND
SANS - Apathy subscale1091164−0.10 (−0.87, 0.67)NEND
SANS - Avolition subscale10911640.50 (−0.66, 1.66)NEND
SANS - Disturbance of attention subscale10911640.10 (−0.22, 0.42)NEND
General psychopathology
BPRS - Agitation/Activation63,1092315−0.17 (−0.71, 0.37)77%ND
BPRS - Anxiety/Depression subscale63,15222150.07 (−0.45, 0.60)70%ND
BPRS - Thought Disorder63,109,154,16043740.26 (−0.27, 0.78)32%ND
NOSIE - Autistic1521640.39 (−0.12, 0.90)NEND
NOSIE - Social competence152,16021080.36 (−1.10, 1.82)89%ND
NOSIE - Social interest152,1602108−0.17 (−1.43, 1.10)67%ND

Note: bolded results are statistically significant; BPRS = Brief Psychiatric Rating Scale; I2 = I–squared; ND = no difference; NE = not estimable; NOSIE = Nurses’ Observation Scale for Inpatient Evaluation; SANS = Scale for the Assessment of Negative Symptoms

From: Appendix L, Subscales, Composite Outcomes, and Functional Capacity

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