Table 2

Adverse events analysis at patient level, mood: Antiepileptic drug compared with placebo

PlaceboIntervention Groups
Adverse EventsDrugNo. of studiesNo. of patients with eventSample sizeNo. of patients with eventSample sizePooled OR95% CI
DiarrheaDivalproex2512894651871.25(0.71 to 2.24)
DiarrheaGabapentin13117599581.36(0.41 to 4.66)
DiarrheaLamotrigine32, 47, 118326255213570.53(0.28 to 1.02)
HeadacheCarbamazepine116125103231010.92(0.46 to 1.85)
HeadacheGabapentin4617596580.86(0.22 to 3.21)
HeadacheLamotrigine32, 42, 47, 1184623432207731.59(1.14 to 2.25)
NauseaCarbamazepine116, 117215220582235.16(2.73 to 10.30)
NauseaDivalproex2512994791871.64(0.94 to 2.89)
NauseaLamotrigine32, 118221190322281.23(0.66 to 2.35)
RashCarbamazepine1171311761221.96(0.41 to 12.40)
RashLamotrigine42, 11829153635452.23(1.06 to 5.28)
SomnolenceCarbamazepine116, 117219220432232.77(1.48 to 5.36)
SomnolenceGabapentin46175914582.35(0.80 to 7.51)
SomnolenceLamotrigine32, 118, 132321255273570.93(0.49 to 1.79)
TremorDivalproex2511294771874.76(2.38 to 10.26)
TremorLamotrigine471612191691.08(0.33 to 3.79)
Weight gainCarbamazepine0NRNRNRNRNCNC
Weight gainDivalproex251794391873.26(1.36 to 9.03)
Weight gainGabapentin0NRNRNRNRNCNC
Weight gainLamotrigine0NRNRNRNRNCNC

Abbreviations: CI, confidence interval; NC, not calculable; NR, not reported; OR, odds ratio (odds of antiepileptic drug / odds of placebo)

From: Appendix E, Meta-analysis of specific adverse events associated with antiepileptic drugs in the treatment of bipolar disorder

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