Table 6.1Package of Cost-Effective Interventions (US$)

Cost per DALY
InterventionsLow-income countriesMiddle-income countries
Public health
Expanded program of immunization plus (that is, including vaccine against hepatitis B and vitamin A supplementation)15–2232–38
School health program25–3248–54
Tobacco and alcohol control program44–7057–70
AIDS prevention program4–6a16–23a
Other public health interventions(includes information, communication, and education on selected risk factors and health behaviors, plus vector control and disease surveillance)
Clinical services
Chemotherapy against tuberculosis4–66–9
Integrated management of the sick child38–6363–127
Family planning25–38127–190
Sexually transmitted disease treatment1–413–19
Prenatal and delivery care38–6376–139
Limited care (includes treatment of infection and minor trauma; for more complicated condition, includes diagnosis, advice, and pain relief, and treatment as resources permit)253–380507–760

Source: DCP2, chapter 64, table 64.2.

Note: — = not available, presumably because the authors were not able to aggregate data to country level.

a. Understates cost-effectiveness because the analysis examined the probability of transmission to others in the first year only.

From: Chapter 6, Providing Interventions

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