Figure 5. Distinct KIR haplotypes based on gene content.

Figure 5Distinct KIR haplotypes based on gene content

The haplotypes shown were determined by segregation analysis, but many are not yet definitive. The gene order used in this figure is based on that determined by Hsu et al. (51). Segregation analysis cannot always define precisely the gene content of KIR haplotypes. Therefore, based on gene frequencies and patterns of linkage disequilibrium between pairs of KIR genes, several assumptions based on consistent observations across studies were made in determining some of the haplotypes listed in the figure: (a) 3DL3, 3DP1, 2DL4, and 3DL2 are present on all haplotypes; (b) if 2DS1 is present, 2DS4 is absent and vice versa; (c) if 2DL1 is present, 2DP1 is always present; (d) if 3DS1 is absent, 3DL1 is present. Haplotypes containing the 2DS4 null allele are designated by "Δ" and those in which 2DS4 was not subtyped are marked "NS". [1=(68); 2=(25); 3=(73); 4=(74).]

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