Figure 4: . Fluorescence-based Ion Flux Assay Formats.

Figure 4:

Fluorescence-based Ion Flux Assay Formats. Shown from left to right are examples of fluorescence-based ion flux assays. Plasma membrane calcium permeable channels (BLUE) and endoplasmic reticular (ER) calcium permeable channels (PURPLE) can be measured with a variety of fluorescent calcium indicator dyes like Fluo-2 and Fura-2 (not shown). Sodium permeable channels (RED) can be measured by sodium sensitive fluorescent dyes. Potassium channels (GREEN) can be assayed using a surrogate ion approach and the thallium sensitive dye, FluoZin-2. Unlike the other fluorescent dyes mentioned above, the mutant yellow fluorescent protein (YFP)-based sensor has its fluorescence effectively quenched by the surrogate ion, iodide, fluxing through a chloride channel (YELLOW).

From: Ion Channel Screening

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