Figure 14.11. Schematic diagram of intramembranous ossification.

Figure 14.11

Schematic diagram of intramembranous ossification. (A) Mesenchymal cells condense to produce osteoblasts, which deposit osteoid matrix. These osteoblasts become arrayed along the calcified region of the matrix. Osteoblasts that are trapped within the bone matrix become osteocytes. (B) Intramembranous ossification in the plastron (ventral shell) of the red-ear slider turtle Trachemys scripta. The plastron of a one-month-old hatchling was stained with alcian blue (for cartilage) and alizarin red (for bone). No cartilage was seen to precede the formation of bone. (Photograph courtesy of G. Loredo, A. Brukman, and S. F. Gilbert.)

From: Osteogenesis: The Development of Bones

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