TABLE 6.2Branded Pharmaceutical Firms Biotech Acquisitions

YearAcquiring FirmAcquired
2009Johnson & JohnsonElan Corp
2008Eli LillyImClone Systems
2009Johnson & JohnsonCougar Biotechnology
2009Sanofi-AventisBiPar Sciences
2009Bristol-Myers SquibbMedarex
2009Sanofi-PasteurShantha Biotechnics
2008Johnson & JohnsonOmrix Biopharmaceuticals

SOURCE: “Roche Wins Fight for Genentech,” The Express (March 13, 2009); “Johnson & Johnson Completes Deal with Elan, Acquiring its Alzheimers Assets,” M2 Equitybytes (September 21, 2009); “Johnson & Johnson Completes Acquisition of Cougar Biotechnology,” Datamonitor (July 14, 2009); “Eli Lilly Completes $6 Billion Acquisition of ImClone Systems,” Financialwire (November 25, 2008); “Pharma Japan: Sanofi-Aventis too Acquire BiPar Sciences,” Chemical Business NewsBase (April 27, 2009); “Bristol-Meyers Squibb Completes Acquisition of Medarex, Inc.”, Chemical Business NewsBase (September 1, 2009); “Sanofi Pasteur’s Shantha a Shot in the Arm for Indian Pharma,” Financial Express (August 2, 2009); “Sanofi-Pasteur Acquires Acambis for GBP 285 Million,” Datamonitor (September 26, 2008); “Johnson & Johnson Completes Acquisition of Omrix Biopharmaceuticals Inc.,” Chemical Business NewsBase (December 30, 2008).

From: 6, National Support for Emerging Industries

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