Figure 14

Figure 14. Light deprivation alters the dendritic ramification and synaptic inputs of mouse RGCs. A: Peak dendritic location of all mono-stratified RGCs of P12, P33 and P33 dark-reared mice. Note that the number of RGC with peak located near 30% of the IPL is significantly reduced in dark-reared mice (P33D). B: Representative frequency histograms of RGC light responses of an ON cell (top), an ON-OFF cell (middle), and an OFF cell (bottom), recorded using a multielectrode array system. C: Percentage of RGCs that are ON-OFF to light decrease with age. Note that light deprivation from birth (blue) prevents the age-dependent decrease of ON-OFF responding cells. Reproduced from Xu and Tian, 2007 (54); Tian and Copenhagen, 2003 (58).

From: Development of Retinal Ganglion Cell Dendritic Structure and Synaptic Connections

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