Figure 12

Figure 12. GluR-mediated activity regulates the dendritic development of RGCs. A and B: Representative images and dendritic reconstructions of YFP-expressing RGCs of P12 retinas in control and with intraocular treatment of NBQX+AP5. Note that NBQX+AP5 treatment significantly increase the number of filopodia. C: The average densities of filopodia of A1 and A2 RGCs of NBQX+AP5 treated retinas are 80-100% higher than that untreated retinas. D: The speeds of filopodia growth and elimination are reduced by NBQX+AP5 treatement. Filopodia growth and elimination were determined by the difference of the length of the filopodia recorded at two succeeding time points (recording time interval, 30 minutes). E: Average lifetime of RGC filopodia was significantly prolonged in NBQX+AP5 treated retinas. Adapted from Xu et al., 2010 (44).

From: Development of Retinal Ganglion Cell Dendritic Structure and Synaptic Connections

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