Figure 16.3. Limb bud formation.

Figure 16.3

Limb bud formation. (A) Proliferation of mesodermal cells from the somatic region of the lateral plate mesoderm causes the limb bud in the amphibian embryo to bulge outward. These cells generate the skeletal elements of the limb. Contributions of cells from the myotome provide the source of the limb's musculature. (B) Entry of myotome cells (purple) into the limb bud. This computer reconstruction was made from sections from an in situ hybridization to the myf5 mRNA found in developing muscle cells. If you can cross your eyes, the three-dimensionality of the stereogram will become apparent. (B courtesy of J. Streicher and G. Müller.)

From: Formation of the Limb Bud

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