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QseBC Two-Component Signal Transduction System, quorum sensing related

In E.coli K-12, QseBC is thought to be a quorum sensing two-component system (TCS) involved in regulation of flagella biogenesis through activation of the : CPLX0-3930 "flhDC" operon - the principal regulator of flagellar biogenesis . QseC is the membrane associated sensor kinase; QseB the response regulator. Characterisation of the QseBC TCS has been largely undertaken in enterohaemorrhagic E. coli (EHEC) where it forms part of the signalling cascade that activates expression of virulence genes including those that control flagella expression. qseB and qseC from EHEC and E. coli K-12 are almost identical . The E coli K-12 qseBC operon is activated by the AI-2 quorum sensing system but a direct effect of the AI-2 molecule on the phosphorylation status of QseC has not been demonstrated . In EHEC autophosphorylation of QseC in response to the auto-inducer AI-3, has been reported and the response regulator QseB has been shown to bind to the flhDC promoter .

from BIOCYC source record: ECO_PWY0-1470
Type: pathway
Taxonomic scope
organism-specific biosystem
Escherichia coli

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