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adenosylcobalamin salvage from cobinamide II

De novo synthesis of cobamides requires a great deal of genetic information, which is only found in some prokaryotes. Many bacterial species do not have the full genetic information required for de novo biosynthesis of |FRAME: ADENOSYLCOBALAMIN|, but can synthesize cobalamin when supplied with |FRAME: COBINAMIDE|, a stable cobamide that is not a true intermediate of the de novo pathway |CITS: [14351147][8770581]|. In order to process |FRAME: COBINAMIDE| to |FRAME: ADENOSYLCOBALAMIN|, it has to be converted into a real intermediate of the pathway. In most bacteria this is done by the attachment of the upper ligand 5'-deoxyadenosine to yield |FRAME: ADENOSYLCOBINAMIDE|, followed by phosphorylation to yield |FRAME: ADENOSYLCOBINAMIDE-P|, an intermediate of the de novo biosynthetic pathway (see |FRAME: COBALSYN-PWY|). Archaebacteria utilze a different salvage pathway, where |FRAME: ADENOSYLCOBINAMIDE| is first converted to |FRAME: CPD-691| by |FRAME: EC-| (CbiZ). |FRAME: CPD-691 " Adenosylcobyrate"| is then converted to |FRAME: ADENOSYLCOBINAMIDE-P| by the action of |FRAME: EC-| (CbiB) |CITS: [14990804]|. Archaea possess several enzymes that are non-orthologous replacements for the bacterial genes. For example, the archaeal |FRAME: G-11341| catalyzes the same reaction as the bacterial |FRAME: G-10054| |CITS: [16547066]|, and the archaeal |FRAME: G-11343| replaces the bacterial |FRAME: G-502| and |FRAME: G-10056| |CITS: [12486068]|. Some archaea carry the |FRAME: G-11342| gene, which encodes a fusion of the genes |FRAME: G-11339| and |FRAME: G-11341| |CITS: [16740929]|. There are many bacterial species that carry the genes of the archaeal salvage pathway. It is believed that the origin of the genes is archaeal, and that the bacterial genes were acquired by horizontal gene transfer |CITS: [18808385]|

from BIOCYC source record: META_PWY-6269
Type: pathway
Taxonomic scope
conserved biosystem

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