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L-alanine biosynthesis II

Alanine is an essential component of protein (as L-alanine) and peptidoglycan (as a roughly 3:1 mix of D- and L-alanine). Only about a tenth of total alanine synthesized is incorporated into peptidoglycan. At least three pathways (|FRAME: ALANINE-VALINESYN-PWY|, |FRAME: ALANINE-SYN2-PWY|, and |FRAME: PWY0-1021|) contribute to the synthesis of alanine. The evidence for alanine biosynthesis II comes from cell extract studies and the isolation of the still-unsequenced gene alaB during a screen for genes able to complement an alanine auxotroph |CITS: [2890623]|.

from BIOCYC source record: META_ALANINE-SYN2-PWY
Type: pathway
Taxonomic scope
conserved biosystem

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