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Accession: PRJNA15160 ID: 15160

Mint virus X

Mint virus X RefSeq Other

Data TypeRefSeq Other
OrganismMint virus X[Taxonomy ID: 301865]
Viruses; ssRNA viruses; ssRNA positive-strand viruses, no DNA stage; Tymovirales; Alphaflexiviridae; Potexvirus; Mint virus X
  • Tzanetakis IE et al., "Mint virus X: a novel potexvirus associated with symptoms in 'Variegata' mint.", Arch Virol, 2005 Aug 12;151(1):143-53
  • Tzanetakis IE et al., "The use of reverse transcriptase for efficient first- and second-strand cDNA synthesis from single- and double-stranded RNA templates.", J Virol Methods, 2004 Dec 15;124(1-2):73-7
SubmissionRegistration date: 27-Jul-2005
Oregon State University and USDA-ARS, Dept. of Botany and Plant Pathology, USA, Corvallis
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Nucleotide (Genomic RNA)1
Protein Sequences5
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