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Accession: PRJNA856768 ID: 856768

A cryopreservation approach to rear mosquitoes in the presence of standardized bacterial communities

Mosquitoes develop in a wide range of aquatic habitats containing highly diverse and variable bacterial communities that shape both larval and adult traits, including the capacity of adult females of some mosquito species to transmit disease-causing organisms to humans. More...
Data TypeRaw sequence reads
  • "Innate immune mechanisms mediating colonization by beneficial gut bacteria in honey bees" (Grant ID 2018-67012-28009, United States Dept of Agriculture)
  • "Graduate Research Fellowship Program" (Grant ID DGE-1747503, National Science Foundation)
  • "Bacterial and host genetic factors contributing to microbiome acquisition and homeostasis in mosquitoes" (Grant ID 2019368, National Science Foundation)
  • "Exploiting gnotobiotic systems to examine microbiota acquisition in mosquitoes and for microbiome transplantations" (Grant ID R21 AI138074, National Institutes of Health)
  • "Parasitology & Vector Biology Training Program" (Grant ID 5T32AI007414-27, National Institute of Health)
SubmissionRegistration date: 7-Jul-2022
University of Wisconsin-Madison
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SRA Experiments116
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Data volume, Gbases3
Data volume, Mbytes1608

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