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Accession: PRJNA763942 ID: 763942

birds of the genus Rhegmatorhina

Rhegmatorhina hoffmannsi, Rhegmatorhina berlepschi and hybrids (Rhegmatorhina hoffmannsi X Rhegmatorhina berlepschi) Raw sequence reads

Secondary contact between species often results in the formation of a hybrid zone, with the eventual fates of the hybridizing species dependent on evolutionary and ecological forces. More...
Data TypeRaw sequence reads
  • "RCN: Enabling comparative studies of the process and products of sexual selection in a genomic context" (Grant ID DBI-1457541, National Science Foundation)
  • "Systematics of a pantropical diversification: the suboscine passerines" (Grant ID DEB-1146265, National Science Foundation)
  • "All Birds: A time-scaled avian tree from integrated phylogenomic and fossil data" (Grant ID DEB-1655624, National Science Foundation)
  • "História Evolutiva das Aves no Interflúvio Madeira-Tapajós: divergência genética e capacidade de dispersão." (Grant ID 201910/2014-4, Conselho Nacional do Desenvolvimento Científico e Tecnológico)
SubmissionRegistration date: 16-Sep-2021
Louisiana State University
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