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Accession: PRJNA412848 ID: 412848

Adapterama II: Universal amplicon sequencing on Illumina platforms (TaggiMatrix)

Although next-generation sequencing (NGS) platforms allow massive quantities of DNA sequences to be obtained at low cost per read, sequencing PCR amplicons remains relatively expensive. More...
Data TypeTargeted Locus (Loci), Targeted loci environmental
  • "Testing the Potential of Pathogenic Fungi to Control the Diversity, Distribution, and Abundance of Tree Species in a Neotropical Forest Community" (Grant ID DEB-1136626, National Science Foundation)
  • "EAGER: Using ultraconserved elements (UCEs) as genomic markers to study shallow levels of evolutionary divergence" (Grant ID DEB-1242241, National Science Foundation)
  • "PIRE: Genetics of Invasive Species Exchanged Between the Southeastern U.S. and China, Taiwan and Hong Kong" (Grant ID OISE-0730218, National Science Foundation)
SubmissionRegistration date: 2-Oct-2017
University of Tennessee
RelevanceEnvironmental; evolution
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SRA Experiments162
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Data volume, Gbases10
Data volume, Mbytes6077

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