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Accession: PRJEA36577 ID: 36577

Schistosoma mansoni strain:Puerto Rico

The causal agent of schistosomiasis

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Schistosoma mansoni has a diploid genome of approximately 270 MB, organized in 7 pairs of autosomes and 2 sex chromosomes. More...
Data TypeGenome sequencing and assembly
OrganismSchistosoma mansoni[Taxonomy ID: 6183]
Eukaryota; Metazoa; Platyhelminthes; Trematoda; Digenea; Strigeidida; Schistosomatoidea; Schistosomatidae; Schistosoma; Schistosoma mansoni
PublicationsLe TH et al., "Phylogenies inferred from mitochondrial gene orders-a cautionary tale from the parasitic flatworms.", Mol Biol Evol, 2000 Jul;17(7):1123-5
SubmissionRegistration date: 12-Oct-2011
Schistosoma Genome Network
Locus Tag PrefixSMP
Project Data:
Resource NameNumber
of Links
Sequence data
Nucleotide (total)596
WGS master2
Genomic DNA18
Protein Sequences11787
Other datasets
Related RefSeq Project
PRJNA39937 : The blood fluke, Schistosoma mansoni, is one of three flukes that is responsible for causing schistosomiasis

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