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Accession: PRJEB38594 ID: 638340

Danioninae Sequencing Project

Danioninae Sequencing Project: Genome Data and Assemblies

The Danioninae are an emerging model clade in the field of evo-devo, favoured for analyses of anatomy (esp. bone morphology and growth), pigmentation, gene family expansion and phylogeography (PMID:25807087, PMID:25111899). Within the Danioninae Sequencing Project we are providing high quality genome assemblies for representatives of this clade to facilitate its use. We have produced high quality genome assemblies of five Danio rerio strains (Tuebingen, AB, SAT, Nadia and Cooch Behar) and eight additional species within the Danio and also the Danionella genus, the later representing anatomical extremes and a novel neuroscience model. Samples were provided by Ralf Britz (Natural History Museum, London), Elisabeth Busch-Nentwich (University of Cambridge), Uwe Irion (MPI for Developmental Biology, Tuebingen), Braedan McCluskey (UW at Seattle), John Postlethwait (University of Oregon) and Zoltan Varga (ZIRC). More...
TypeUmbrella project
SubmissionRegistration date: 9-Jun-2020
Wellcome Sanger Institute
Project Data:
Resource NameNumber
of Links
Sequence data
Nucleotide (total)41215
WGS master15
Genomic DNA176
Protein Sequences36526
Other datasets
Danioninae Sequencing Project encompasses the following 12 sub-projects:
Project TypeNumber of Projects
Umbrella project12
PRJEB38584Danio aesculapiiDanio aesculapii (panther danio) (Wellcome Sanger Institute)
PRJEB38566Danio albolineatusDanio albolineatus (pearl danio) (Wellcome Sanger Institute)
PRJEB38568Danio chopraiDanio choprai (glowlight danio) (Wellcome Sanger Institute)
PRJEB38570Danio jaintianensisDanio jaintianensis (Wellcome Sanger Institute)
PRJEB38581Danio kyathitDanio kyathit (orange-finned danio) (Wellcome Sanger Institute)
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