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Accession: PRJNA294072 ID: 294072

Long-Term Evolution Experiment with E. coli

In 1988, Richard Lenski started the LTEE, or long-term evolution experiment, in order to observe and analyze the process of evolution in action. Twelve populations were started from the same ancestral strain of Escherichia coli B, and they have been propagated in a glucose-limited minimal medium at 37 C ever since. Every day, 1% of each population is transferred into fresh medium, and this process has continued ever since. Every 500 generations, samples are frozen at -80 C for later analyses. This experiment has provided insights into the process of adaptation by natural selection, the repeatability of evolution, the dynamics of genome evolution, the origin of new functions, the evolution of mutation rates, and more.
TypeUmbrella project
PublicationsTenaillon O et al., "Tempo and mode of genome evolution in a 50,000-generation experiment.", Nature, 2016 Aug 11;536(7615):165-70
SubmissionRegistration date: 27-Aug-2015
The University of Texas at Austin
Project Data:
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Sequence data
SRA Experiments2896
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Data volume, Gbases1,057
Data volume, Tbytes0.59
This project encompasses the following 15 sub-projects:
Project TypeNumber of Projects
Genome sequencing
Highest level of assembly :
SRA or Trace
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PRJNA896785 SRA or TraceE. coli transcriptome evolution on the path to a major metabolic innovationE. coli transcriptome evolution on the path to a major metabolic innovation (The University of Texas at...)
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PRJNA295606 SRA or TraceEscherichia coli B str. REL606E. coli genome evolution over 50,000 generations (The University of Texas at...)
PRJNA414462 SRA or TraceEscherichia coli Long-Term Evolution Experiment, Ara-3 Isolate SequencingEscherichia coli Long-Term Evolution Experiment, Ara-3 Isolate Sequencing (The University of Texas at...)
PRJNA288762 SRA or TraceEscherichia coli REL606Mutation rate inferred from synonymous substitutions in a long-term evolution experiment with Escherichia coli (The University of Texas at...)
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