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Organism name:
Caenorhabditis elegans (nematodes)
Infraspecific name:
Strain: Bristol N2
C. elegans Sequencing Consortium
Assembly level:
Complete Genome
Genome representation:
RefSeq category:
reference genome
GenBank assembly accession:
GCA_000002985.3 (latest)
RefSeq assembly accession:
GCF_000002985.6 (latest)
RefSeq assembly and GenBank assembly identical:
no (hide details)
  • Only in RefSeq: chromosome MT (in non-nuclear assembly-unit)
  • Data displayed for RefSeq version

IDs: 554278 [UID] 554258 [GenBank] 554278 [RefSeq]

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Annotated features correspond to WormBase release WS283. Protein-coding gene structures below are the result of integration and manual review of the following types of data: ab initio predictions by Genefinder (P. Green and L. Hillier, pers. comm.); alignments to ... published proteins and cDNAs; genome sequence conservation with other nematodes (e.g. to C. briggsae using WABA: Genome Res. 2000. 10:1115-1125); sequence features (such as trans-splice and polyA sites).
Sources of data: large-scale EST projects of Yuji Kohara (http://www.ddbj.nig.ac.jp/c-elegans/html/CE_INDEX.html); ORFeome cloning project (http://worfdb.dfci.harvard.edu); RST large-scale sequencing project (Genome Res. 2009. 19:2334-2342); IST library (Science. 2004. 303:540-3); RT-PCR EST set (Ewing B. Green P. 2010 Unpublished); UTRome EST data submission (UTRome v1 Mangone M. Piano F. 2009); TEC-RED data (PNAS 2004. 101:1650-1655); RNA Deep sequencing data (454 read clusters - Makedonka Mitreva, unpublished; Illumina sequence data, Genome Res. 2009. 19:657-66); Numerous data sets from the modENCODE project (Science. 2010. 330:1775-87); Individual C. elegans Nucleotide Database submissions; Personal communications with C. elegans researchers; Non-Coding gene structures below are derived using the following methods and data: ab initio prediction of tRNAs by tRNAscan-SE (Nucl. Acids. Res., 25, 955-964); integration and appraisal of miRNAs from miRBase (http://www.mirbase.org); integration and appraisal of RFAM predictions (rfam.sanger.ac.uk); 21U-RNAs (Cell. 2006. 127:1193-1207); modENCODE data (Science. 2010. 330:1775-87); manual curation of novel published ncRNAs from the literature.  more


Annotation Provider::WormBase
Annotation Status::Full annotation
Annotation Version::WS283
Annotation Pipeline::Eukaryotic Annotation Propagation Pipeline

Global statistics

Total sequence length100,286,401
Total ungapped length100,286,401
Total number of chromosomes and plasmids7

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Global assembly definition

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Assembly Unit Name
Primary Assembly
Assembly Unit: Primary Assembly (GCF_000001175.4)
Molecule nameGenBank sequenceRefSeq sequence
Chromosome IBX284601.5=NC_003279.8
Chromosome IIBX284602.5=NC_003280.10
Chromosome IIIBX284603.4=NC_003281.10
Chromosome IVBX284604.4=NC_003282.8
Chromosome VBX284605.5=NC_003283.11
Chromosome XBX284606.5=NC_003284.9

Assembly statistics

Chromosome I15,072,434
Chromosome II15,279,421
Chromosome III13,783,801
Chromosome IV17,493,829
Chromosome V20,924,180
Chromosome X17,718,942
Mitochondrion MT13,794
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