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Submit ribosomal RNA (rRNA), rRNA-ITS, or Influenza sequences here: Submission Portal

If you have any questions about using the BankIt sequence submission tool, send an email to GenBank User services at: and use 'BankIt' and your BankIt ID# in the subject line.

Use BankIt for all standard GenBank submissions, except:

What is needed to submit a sequence through BankIt?

(See Submission Requirements page for more detail)

  • registration through the MyNCBI Login System (register on Sign in page through link above)
  • sequence data can be either cut-and-pasted as text or uploaded as file (multiple sequences must be in a FASTA format)
  • date for public release (immediate or at a specified future date)
  • basic information (authors and a working title) for a corresponding reference paper
  • name(s) of the organism(s) from which the sequence data were isolated and any other related descriptive data
  • sequence features (for example: CDS, gene, rRNA, tRNA, with nucleotide intervals and product names)

GenBank Sequence Submission Policy

  1. the GenBank database is intended for new sequence data that is determined by and annotated by the submitter
  2. sequences built or derived from other GenBank primary data intended for the Third Party Annotation (TPA) database may be submitted through BankIt
  3. the following types of submissions are NOT acceptable:
    • sequences less than 200 nucleotides long, unless they represent complete exons, non-coding RNAs (ncRNAs), microsatellites or ancient DNA
    • non-contiguous sequences that have been artificially joined; for example, multiple exons without their intervening introns or without a 'gap' of internal NNNs representing any missing sequence
    • primer-only sequences
    • protein-only sequences
    • single sequences that are a mix of molecule types, such as mix of genomic and mRNA sequence data
    • sequences without a physical counterpart (consensus sequences)

Updates to Sequences that are already submitted

BankIt does not have an update option. Please see options for updating a submitted or existing GenBank record.