Network Client/Server Applications  
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A client/server version of Entrez, called Network Entrez, provides remote Internet access to the Entrez database residing at the NCBI.

To use the networked version, direct TCP/IP access to the Internet is a mandatory requirement.

For support of Network Entrez, NCBI requires that a local administrator be designated to install software and assist users.

Network Entrez software is available for anonymous FTP from in the /entrez/network directory. There is a README file in the same directory that should be consulted before attempting installation and use. Network Entrez client programs are currently available for the following computer platforms:

  • Macintosh (MacTCP)
  • MS Windows (WinSock 1.1 compatible)
  • Sun SparcStations (SunOS and Solaris)
  • DEC Alpha running OSF/1
  • DEC Ultrix
  • DEC VMS (Multinet/TGV, Wollongong and UCX)

Installation of the client software is the responsibility of the local network administrator. Questions, comments, and bug reports should be sent to: .

In addition to the client/server version, there is also a WWW version of Entrez available.



Netblast is the newest version of the BLAST client software (blastcl3) that accesses the current version of gapped BLAST at NCBI. The netblast client (blastcl3) is available via ftp for a number of popular platforms (Linux, SGI, Solaris, Windows, and Macintosh). Netblast routes a user's query to the BLAST server at NCBI that can handle the work in the shortest time, rather than to a particular machine. Users receive results back faster, and their work is not interrupted by maintenance on a particular NCBI server. Registration is not required for this service.

Revised August 21, 2003