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SNP Consortium Makes First dbSNP Contribution

The SNP Consortium, including the Wellcome Trust and 11 other pharmaceutical companies, has recently made its first contributions totaling 7,396 SNPs to NCBI’s database of single nucleotide polymorphisms (dbSNP). The SNP consortium was formed to create a public repository of SNP information useful in the study of disease. For more information or to search dbSNP, see

GenBank Release 116 Posts Largest Increase

With 5.8 billion base pairs from more than 5.6 million sequences, the recent GenBank Release 116.0 outweighs version 115.0 by 1,151 megabase pairs (Mbp), posting the largest single-release increase ever by GenBank and retiring the previous record of 812 Mbp. Uncompressed, the Release 116.0 flatfiles require roughly 21,350 MB (sequence files only) or 23,300 MB (including the “index” files). Release 116 is now available for downloading via ftp at

UniVec Vector Screening Database Available by FTP

The NCBI UniVec database, used by the VecScreen Web service for identifying DNA sequence segments that may be of vector origin, is now available for downloading at

A second database, UniVec_Core, is also available. UniVec_Core is a subset of sequences from the full UniVec database, chosen to minimize the number of false positive hits. Both UniVec and UniVec_Core sequences are in the FASTA format. They are suitable for processing by the formatdb program of the Standalone BLAST package (available at, so that each database can then be searched locally by the blastall program.

VecScreen and further information regarding UniVec can be found at

NCBI on Exhibit

NCBI will be exhibiting at the meetings listed below. The conference list is also available from NCBI’s home page under About NCBI. For further information, contact NCBI at

American Association for Cancer Research (AACR)
San Francisco, California
April 1-5

Human Genome Meeting—HUGO
Vancouver, British Columbia
April 9-12

Immunology 2000
Seattle, Washington
May 12-16

American Society for Microbiology (ASM)
Los Angeles, California
May 22-24

American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (ASBMB)
Boston, Massachusetts
June 4-9

Special Libraries Association (SLA)
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
June 10-15

Endocrine Society (ENDO 2000)
Toronto, Canada
June 21-24

NCBI News | Winter 2000