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Transitioning from LocusLink to Entrez Gene

Cancer Chromosomes: a New Entrez Database

HomoloGene: An Entrez Database with a New Look

BLAST Link (BLink) to Protein Alignments and Structures

Debut of the HCT Database and Anthropology/Allele Frequencies in dbMHC

350kb Sequence Length Limit Removed by Sequence Database Collaboration

New Eukaryotic Genomes at NCBI

Environmental Samples Make Big Splash

HIV Protein-Interaction Database

e-PCR and Reverse e-PCR: Greater Sensitivity, More Options

New Organisms in UniGene

RefSeq Accession Numbers Get Longer as Rat Gets Last 6-digit Accession

Slots available for FieldGuidePlus Training Course Onsite at NCBI

RefSeq Release 6 on FTP Site

Exponential Growth of GenBank Continues with Release 142

Entrez Tools is a 'Hot Spot'

BLAST Lab: Using BLASTClust

New Microbial Genomes in GenBank

Entrez Quiz


Slots Available for FieldGuidePlus Training Course Onsite at NCBI

The popularity of the free NCBI training course for life scientists, A Field Guide to NCBI Resources, continues to grow, with over 40 courses presented throughout the United States in the first half of 2004. Portions of the Field Guide have also been presented as more detailed modules on specific tools and databases, including a 3D structures course, a gene expression course, and a BLAST course. In addition to the 2-day Field Guide, NCBI offers several 2-hour problem-centered Mini-Courses. This Spring, the NCBI conducted the first enhanced Field Guide, the FGPlus, at the National Library of Medicine, that combines the best of the standard Field Guide with the modular Field Guide courses and the Mini-Courses.

The FGPlus provides more detailed information, practical tips, and more extensive hands-on practice than the standard course. In addition, the FGPlus offers complete BLAST and structure modules, as well as a Mini-Course on disease genes. Following the success of the Spring edition, NCBI will again offer the FGPlus course on August 24 and 25th, 2004 at the National Library of Medicine's Lister Hill auditorium. For more details and registration information please visit the FGPlus page:

or write to Peter Cooper (

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