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Transitioning from LocusLink to Entrez Gene

Cancer Chromosomes: a New Entrez Database

HomoloGene: An Entrez Database with a New Look

BLAST Link (BLink) to Protein Alignments and Structures

Debut of the HCT Database and Anthropology/Allele Frequencies in dbMHC

350kb Sequence Length Limit Removed by Sequence Database Collaboration

New Eukaryotic Genomes at NCBI

Environmental Samples Make Big Splash

HIV Protein-Interaction Database

e-PCR and Reverse e-PCR: Greater Sensitivity, More Options

New Organisms in UniGene

RefSeq Accession Numbers Get Longer as Rat Gets Last 6-digit Accession

Slots available for FieldGuidePlus Training Course Onsite at NCBI

RefSeq Release 6 on FTP Site

Exponential Growth of GenBank Continues with Release 142

Entrez Tools is a 'Hot Spot'

BLAST Lab: Using BLASTClust

New Microbial Genomes in GenBank

Entrez Quiz


Entrez Quiz

What is the total number of records in each of the 23 Entrez databases? If you've ever asked yourself this question, try the following query in the Entrez global search:


Each of the Entrez databases supports the “all” filter term which returns the total number of records indexed in a database. You can also collect this information using an E-utilities URL, e.g.:[filter]

The results of such a query as of mid-June are plotted in the Figure 1.

Figure 1: Number of records in the 23 Entrez databases as of mid-June 2004. Numbers are plotted on a logarithmic scale.

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