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New Genomes in GenBank

The following new complete microbial genomes are now
available in GenBank under the accession numbers listed:

Streptococcus pneumoniae: AE005672

Streptococcus pneumoniae strain R6: AE007317

AE007869, circular chromosome;
AE006469, linear chromosome;
AE00782, plasmid AT; and
AE007871, plasmid Ti

Sinorhizobium meliloti:
AL591688, main chromosome;
AE006469, “megaplasmid”
pSymA; and AL591985,
“megaplasmid” pSymB

View these complete genomes and learn more about the proteins they encode from Entrez Genomes.

Select the Genomes database from the Entrez home page at:

Complete genomes are also available for downloading by FTP from:

GenBank Mirror Sites

To provide alternative sites for downloading GenBank releases and updates, GenBank is now mirrored at two sites:

The San Diego Supercomputer Center (

Indiana University
( genbank).

New High-Throughput cDNA (HTC) Division in GenBank

A new GenBank division has been created for unfinished High-Throughput cDNA sequencing (HTC) data. Sequences in this division may still have 5' and 3' UTRs at their ends, partial coding regions, and introns. Finished HTC sequences will be moved to the appropriate taxonomic GenBank division, in the same manner as High Throughput Genomic (HTG) records are moved into a taxonomic division upon finishing of genomic sequences. Release 126 (October 2001) of GenBank contains 22,002 HTC sequences totaling 27,985,613 bases. The bulk of these HTC sequences (89%) are from Mus musculus, with about 10% from Homo sapiens. To view these records, use the Entrez query:


GenBank Release 126

GenBank release 126 (October 2001) contains over 13 million sequences totaling more than 14 billion base pairs. GenBank may be searched using NCBI’s Entrez search and retrieval system or may be downloaded from the NCBI FTP site. GenBank flatfiles can be downloaded from the “genbank” directory; the ASN.1 version of GenBank is found in the “ncbi-asn1” directory.

New FTP Address

Note that NCBI’s FTP address has changed to:

For Web access, the URL is:

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