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UGID:379017     UniGene Rn.3761     Rattus norvegicus (Norway rat)   Ubc
Ubiquitin C (Ubc)

Norway rat protein-coding gene Ubc. Represented by 286 ESTs from 87 cDNA libraries. Corresponds to reference sequence NM_017314.1. [UniGene 379017 - Rn.3761]

Comparison of cluster transcripts with RefSeq proteins. The alignments can suggest function of the cluster.
Best Hits and Hits from model organismsSpeciesId(%)Len(aa)
NP_059010.1 Ubc gene product R. norvegicus 100.0 809
XP_001373422.2 PREDICTED: polyubiquitin-C-like M. domestica 100.0 760
XP_001664266.1 ubiquitin A. aegypti 100.0 760
XP_003230699.1 PREDICTED: polyubiquitin-C-like A. carolinensis 100.0 684
XP_002402192.1 ubiquitin/40S ribosomal protein S27A fusion, putative I. scapularis 100.0 608
XP_002610009.1 hypothetical protein BRAFLDRAFT_131116 B. floridae 100.0 608
NP_001013290.2 ubb gene product D. rerio 100.0 608
XP_001624647.1 predicted protein N. vectensis 100.0 532
XP_004076672.1 PREDICTED: polyubiquitin-C-like O. latipes 100.0 532
XP_002798871.1 PREDICTED: hypothetical protein LOC712934 isoform 2 M. mulatta 100.0 456
XP_003907411.1 PREDICTED: polyubiquitin-C isoform 1 P. anubis 100.0 456
XP_003385950.1 PREDICTED: polyubiquitin-like A. queenslandica 100.0 380
XP_001508904.1 PREDICTED: polyubiquitin-C-like O. anatinus 100.0 380
XP_003433478.1 PREDICTED: polyubiquitin-C isoform 1 C. lupus familiaris 100.0 380
XP_001499132.2 PREDICTED: polyubiquitin E. caballus 100.0 380
XP_003970845.1 PREDICTED: polyubiquitin-B-like isoform 1 T. rubripes 100.0 304
NP_001232759.1 putative ubiquitin C variant 5 T. guttata 100.0 304
NP_001117778.1 polyubiquitin O. mykiss 100.0 304
XP_002718831.1 PREDICTED: ubiquitin B-like O. cuniculus 100.0 304
NP_001133175.1 polyubiquitin S. salar 100.0 228
XP_415105.2 PREDICTED: polyubiquitin-B isoform 2 G. gallus 100.0 228
XP_003210936.1 PREDICTED: polyubiquitin-like M. gallopavo 100.0 152
NP_001129078.1 polyubiquitin-C P. troglodytes 99.9 760
NP_001034506.1 Pub gene product T. castaneum 99.8 684
NP_066289.2 UBC gene product H. sapiens 99.8 684
NP_001080865.1 ubiquitin C X. laevis 99.8 608
NP_001006688.1 ubc gene product X. tropicalis 99.8 608
XP_003483459.1 PREDICTED: polyubiquitin-C isoform 1 S. scrofa 99.8 532
NP_001193236.1 UBC gene product B. taurus 99.7 685
NP_062613.3 polyubiquitin-C M. musculus 99.6 733
NP_728908.1 Ubiquitin-63E, isoform A D. melanogaster 99.6 711
XP_550846.3 AGAP001971-PA A. gambiae 99.6 939
XP_001845257.1 conserved hypothetical protein C. quinquefasciatus 99.6 939
XP_004017361.1 PREDICTED: polyubiquitin-C-like isoform 1 O. aries 99.6 457
NP_741157.1 Protein UBQ-1, isoform a C. elegans 98.1 787
XP_001701379.1 bi-ubiquitin, major isoform C. reinhardtii 97.4 152
XP_958803.1 polyubiquitin N. crassa 96.4 304
NP_013061.1 ubiquitin S. cerevisiae 96.3 380
NP_849299.4 polyubiquitin 10 A. thaliana 96.3 456
Other hits (2 of 39) [Show all]SpeciesId(%)Len(aa)
XP_002575990.1 ubiquitin (ribosomal protein L40) S. mansoni 99.4 321
NP_001036839.1 polyubiquitin B. mori 98.9 912

Tissues and development stages from this gene's sequences survey gene expression. Links to other NCBI expression resources.
EST Profile: Approximate expression patterns inferred from EST sources.
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GEO Profiles: Experimental gene expression data (Gene Expression Omnibus).
cDNA Sources: prostate; connective tissue; adipose tissue; small intestine; pineal gland; colon; lung; dorsal root ganglion; kidney; stomach; mixed; heart; liver; spleen; embryonic tissue; placenta; brain; eye; pancreas; thymus; muscle; pituitary gland; testis; uncharacterized tissue; vibrissa; ovary; adrenal gland
Genomic location specified by transcript mapping, radiation hybrid mapping, genetic mapping or cytogenetic mapping.
Chromosome: 12
Map position: 12q14
UniSTS entry: D2S1561E
UniSTS entry: AI194771
UniSTS entry: RH134379
UniSTS entry: Ubc
Sequences representing this gene; mRNAs, ESTs, and gene predictions supported by transcribed sequences.

mRNA sequences (71)

D17296.1 Rattus norvegicus mRNA for polyubiquitin, complete cds, ten completely repetitive ubiquitins in tandem and one ubiguitin-like protein PA
X92660.1 R.norvegicus mRNA for polyubuquitin 3' end
NM_017314.1 Rattus norvegicus ubiquitin C (Ubc), mRNA PA
X92661.1 R.norvegicus mRNA for polyubiquitin 5' end P
BC089218.1 Rattus norvegicus ubiquitin C, mRNA (cDNA clone IMAGE:7312282), partial cds PA
BC103477.1 Rattus norvegicus ubiquitin C, mRNA (cDNA clone MGC:124622 IMAGE:7929586), complete cds PA
BC062397.1 Rattus norvegicus cDNA clone IMAGE:5623273, **** WARNING: chimeric clone **** PA
FQ217017.1 Rattus norvegicus TL0ACA37YI12 mRNA sequence P
FQ216896.1 Rattus norvegicus TL0ACA3YF08 mRNA sequence P
FQ210313.1 Rattus norvegicus TL0ABA30YI10 mRNA sequence P
FQ210163.1 Rattus norvegicus TL0ABA33YH07 mRNA sequence P
FQ226202.1 Rattus norvegicus TL0AEA30YE05 mRNA sequence P
FQ226186.1 Rattus norvegicus TL0AEA32YF01 mRNA sequence P
FQ229492.1 Rattus norvegicus TL0ADA47YL12 mRNA sequence PA
FQ225751.1 Rattus norvegicus TL0AEA48YP12 mRNA sequence P
FQ228994.1 Rattus norvegicus TL0ADA4YN02 mRNA sequence P
FQ222335.1 Rattus norvegicus TL0ADA24YO20 mRNA sequence P
FQ222182.1 Rattus norvegicus TL0ADA27YI18 mRNA sequence P
FQ228538.1 Rattus norvegicus TL0ADA7YD07 mRNA sequence P
FQ209893.1 Rattus norvegicus TL0ABA38YF05 mRNA sequence P
FQ209857.1 Rattus norvegicus TL0ABA38YN14 mRNA sequence P
FQ209851.1 Rattus norvegicus TL0ABA38YP12 mRNA sequence P
FQ209807.1 Rattus norvegicus TL0ABA39YN14 mRNA sequence P
FQ209741.1 Rattus norvegicus TL0ABA40YE02 mRNA sequence P
FQ228435.1 Rattus norvegicus TL0ADA8YI01 mRNA sequence P
FQ212515.1 Rattus norvegicus TL0AAA52YO07 mRNA sequence PA
FQ212461.1 Rattus norvegicus TL0AAA54YB21 mRNA sequence P
FQ212360.1 Rattus norvegicus TL0AAA57YM17 mRNA sequence P
FQ221546.1 Rattus norvegicus TL0ADA34YK07 mRNA sequence P
FQ221408.1 Rattus norvegicus TL0ADA36YL10 mRNA sequence P
FQ212321.1 Rattus norvegicus TL0AAA58YP23 mRNA sequence P
FQ212318.1 Rattus norvegicus TL0AAA59YC22 mRNA sequence P
FQ212228.1 Rattus norvegicus TL0AAA64YK05 mRNA sequence P
FQ212216.1 Rattus norvegicus TL0AAA65YE22 mRNA sequence P
FQ212210.1 Rattus norvegicus TL0AAA65YJ17 mRNA sequence P
FQ212124.1 Rattus norvegicus TL0AAA68YK19 mRNA sequence P
FQ224646.1 Rattus norvegicus TL0ACA5YB19 mRNA sequence P
FQ224588.1 Rattus norvegicus TL0ACA61YB05 mRNA sequence P
FQ224484.1 Rattus norvegicus TL0ACA64YK09 mRNA sequence P
FQ224456.1 Rattus norvegicus TL0ACA65YI24 mRNA sequence P
FQ224399.1 Rattus norvegicus TL0ACA67YM04 mRNA sequence P
FQ224369.1 Rattus norvegicus TL0ACA68YP20 mRNA sequence P
FQ221265.1 Rattus norvegicus TL0ADA38YI20 mRNA sequence P
FQ212091.1 Rattus norvegicus TL0AAA69YJ01 mRNA sequence P
FQ212075.1 Rattus norvegicus TL0AAA70YF18 mRNA sequence P
FQ212074.1 Rattus norvegicus TL0AAA70YG13 mRNA sequence P
FQ211984.1 Rattus norvegicus TL0AAA73YO18 mRNA sequence P
FQ224313.1 Rattus norvegicus TL0ACA6YK18 mRNA sequence P
FQ211904.1 Rattus norvegicus TL0AAA76YP17 mRNA sequence P
FQ211895.1 Rattus norvegicus TL0AAA77YC10 mRNA sequence P
FQ211885.1 Rattus norvegicus TL0AAA77YH05 mRNA sequence P
FQ211834.1 Rattus norvegicus TL0AAA78YM07 mRNA sequence P
FQ217972.1 Rattus norvegicus TL0ACA12YN05 mRNA sequence P
FQ223962.1 Rattus norvegicus TL0ACA81YL03 mRNA sequence P
FQ217684.1 Rattus norvegicus TL0ACA20YB12 mRNA sequence P
FQ215056.1 Rattus norvegicus TL0ACA4YO24 mRNA sequence P
FQ211700.1 Rattus norvegicus TL0AAA83YC06 mRNA sequence P
FQ211660.1 Rattus norvegicus TL0AAA84YE14 mRNA sequence P
FQ211555.1 Rattus norvegicus TL0AAA88YI15 mRNA sequence P
FQ211525.1 Rattus norvegicus TL0AAA90YA08 mRNA sequence P
FQ217540.1 Rattus norvegicus TL0ACA23YP15 mRNA sequence P
FQ217500.1 Rattus norvegicus TL0ACA24YN23 mRNA sequence P
FQ217488.1 Rattus norvegicus TL0ACA25YD24 mRNA sequence P
FQ223902.1 Rattus norvegicus TL0ACA83YH20 mRNA sequence P
FQ217260.1 Rattus norvegicus TL0ACA30YP22 mRNA sequence P
FQ210927.1 Rattus norvegicus TL0ABA1YJ11 mRNA sequence P
FQ223054.1 Rattus norvegicus TL0ADA15YP14 mRNA sequence P
FQ210758.1 Rattus norvegicus TL0ABA22YO03 mRNA sequence P
FQ211120.1 Rattus norvegicus TL0ABA17YD05 mRNA sequence P
FQ210712.1 Rattus norvegicus TL0ABA23YM15 mRNA sequence P
FQ210657.1 Rattus norvegicus TL0ABA24YP08 mRNA sequence P

EST sequences (10 of 286) [Show all sequences]

AA819737.1 Clone UI-R-A0-av-e-10-0-UI mixed 3' read A
H35618.1 Clone RPCCL37 adrenal gland P
AA684615.1 Clone RPCAD91 adrenal gland 5' read P
AA894300.1 Clone RSPAW23 spleen 3' read P
AA894301.1 Clone RSPAW24 spleen 3' read P
AI010498.1 Clone RMUAN20 muscle 3' read P
AI102002.1 Clone RBRBX81 brain 3' read PA
AI511413.1 Clone UI-R-C3-sh-b-02-0-UI mixed 3' read PA
AI579727.1 Clone UI-R-AG0-wx-b-04-0-UI heart 3' read P
AI598751.1 Clone REMDW85 embryonic tissue 3' read PA

Key to Symbols

P Has similarity to known Proteins (after translation)
A Contains a poly-Adenylation signal
S Sequence is a Suboptimal member of this cluster
M Clone is putatively CDS-complete by MGC criteria

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