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UGID:1972571     UniGene Rn.168007     Rattus norvegicus (Norway rat)   Zak
Sterile alpha motif and leucine zipper containing kinase AZK (Zak)

Norway rat protein-coding gene Zak. Represented by 12 ESTs from 12 cDNA libraries. [UniGene 1972571 - Rn.168007]

Comparison of cluster transcripts with RefSeq proteins. The alignments can suggest function of the cluster.
Best Hits and Hits from model organismsSpeciesId(%)Len(aa)
XP_001059755.2 PREDICTED: mitogen-activated protein kinase kinase kinase MLT R. norvegicus 99.6 800
NP_075544.1 mitogen-activated protein kinase kinase kinase MLT isoform 1 M. musculus 97.5 800
NP_057737.2 mitogen-activated protein kinase kinase kinase MLT isoform 1 H. sapiens 93.1 798
XP_687660.2 PREDICTED: mitogen-activated protein kinase kinase kinase MLT D. rerio 67.5 762
Other hits (2 of 24) [Show all]SpeciesId(%)Len(aa)
XP_001499246.2 PREDICTED: mitogen-activated protein kinase kinase kinase MLT-like E. caballus 96.5 343
XP_003309476.1 PREDICTED: LOW QUALITY PROTEIN: mitogen-activated protein kinase kinase kinase MLT-like P. troglodytes 93.2 798

Tissues and development stages from this gene's sequences survey gene expression. Links to other NCBI expression resources.
EST Profile: Approximate expression patterns inferred from EST sources.
GEO Profiles: Experimental gene expression data (Gene Expression Omnibus).
cDNA Sources: mixed; adipose tissue; prostate; brain; kidney; colon; pituitary gland; lung; inner ear
Genomic location specified by transcript mapping, radiation hybrid mapping, genetic mapping or cytogenetic mapping.
Chromosome: 3
Map position: 3q22
Sequences representing this gene; mRNAs, ESTs, and gene predictions supported by transcribed sequences.

mRNA sequences (1)

FQ209892.1 Rattus norvegicus TL0ABA38YF08 mRNA sequence PA

EST sequences (12)

AI232421.1 Clone RKICB49 kidney 3' read P
AI511294.1 Clone UI-R-C3-sv-e-02-0-UI mixed 3' read A
AW534142.1 Clone UI-R-C4-alp-f-11-0-UI mixed 3' read A
BF290920.1 Clone RGIIG28 mixed P
CB546916.1 Clone nrwa3-00007-a4 adipose tissue 5' read P
CB547246.1 Clone srpb2-00212-f12 prostate 5' read P
CB780443.1 Clone srcp1-00002-g4 brain 5' read
CB782880.1 Clone cr3-00021-e6 colon 5' read P
CB807935.1 Clone nrpi4-00011-b10 pituitary gland 5' read
CF114632.1 Clone NA9552 lung 5' read P
DV729036.1 inner ear 5' read P
DY311394.1 Clone IMAGE:8371351 brain 5' read P

Key to Symbols

P Has similarity to known Proteins (after translation)
A Contains a poly-Adenylation signal
S Sequence is a Suboptimal member of this cluster
M Clone is putatively CDS-complete by MGC criteria

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