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UGID:265098     UniGene Mm.29911     Mus musculus (mouse)  
UniGene entry Mm.29911 has been retired

Mouse gene. [UniGene 265098 - Mm.29911]

The most recent clusters for the sequences previously in this entry are as follows:
Current entry Sequence(s)
Mm.258927 BI413835
Mm.270283 CA786875, CA787017, BY001275, BY024537, BY025303, BY037577, BY039398, BY039399, BY042577, BY053891, BY056026, BY061372, BY081151, BY089571, BY096673, BY098979, BY104955, BY108922, BY109516, BY112112, BY113014, BY136916, BY224384, BY306644, BY331663, BY348544, BY348732, BY349463, BY350133, BY350490, BY350941, BY351258, BY351543, BY356494, BY382095, BY394796, BY396806, BY409246, BY411045, BY414266, BY416131, BY441380, BY448551, BY463607, BY463619, BY465136, BY520157, BY574358, BY576265, BY579935, BY612277, BY672565, BY735573, BY746391, BY755408, BY755960, BY759473, BY761607, BY762336, BY114436, BY114527, BY115113, BY115281, BY115992, AK088320, AK084058, NM_027015, BC037026, BC027649, D21432, D18244, W08548, W14597, W34411, W34883, W45993, W56967, W78545, W78609, AA003655, AA008638, AA011770, AA014418, AA016641, AA021890, AA049947, AA068811, D76642, D77201, D77926, AA086849, AA086875, AA144554, AA207312, AA207314, AA208380, AA208402, AA208652, AA214776, AA221542, AA231461, AA245156, AA250619, AA259393, AA266334, AA267270, AA268979, AA269384, AA269879, AA270942, AA271763, AA271856, AA274176, AA286628, AA286455, AA399792, AA437753, AA521809, AA528976, AA529986, AA542391, AA555836, AA590034, AA590145, AA590311, AA590455, AA591307, AA592674, AA592750, AA592789, AA597118, AA608084, AA611278, AA624874, AA638775, AA636895, AA656119, AA683916, AA691500, AA691579, AA711142, AA789727, C88515, C89391, AI050591, AA929108, AI664246, AV033959, AV034776, AV036314, AV036891, AV037771, AV037963, AV041531, AV043912, AV044530, AV044834, AV045758, AV045807, AV045822, AV046962, AV048101, AV005201, AV001602, AV048155, AV049975, AV050126, AV050250, AV051974, AV053454, AV053798, AV058342, AV061029, AV061676, AV065103, AV074391, AV082035, AV082707, AV084091, AV090129, AV097878, AV099271, AV109275, AV110372, AV119422, AV121535, AV123766, AV124727, AV125843, AV131751, AV135279, AV168427, AV170895, AV161284, AI854238, AI892642, AV204632, AV205183, AV205654, AV205738, AV206271, AV207471, AV207542, AW213474, AV364475, AV381848, AW544585, AW546363, AW546857, AW553315, AW554185, AW908388, AW990232, BE136752, BE138188, BB203547, BB211806, BB314891, BE308134, BB463413, BE448702, BB541082, BE655742, BF124228, BF124668, BF013055, BF017533, BB605634, BB566621, BB567730, BG074430, BG087061, BG099840, BG100113, BG100294, BG100307, BG100526, BG228738, AK014294, BG277722, BG792968, BI079854, BI082262, BG794493, BG796209, BI713355, BI693729, BB654335, BB657260, BB749769, BB832747, BB797012, BI985126, BM502701, BM506265, BM569876, BM570262, BM570382, BM570678, BQ084687, BQ084826, BQ084971, BQ085142, BQ564180, BQ564632, BQ566332, BQ566584, BQ567908, BQ568925, BQ570228, BQ570396, BQ748073, BQ748672, BQ922840, BU523429, BU524189, BU529367, BU529679, BU531440, BU531614, BU554631, BU555289, BU555806, BU556051, BU556087, BU563271, BU563295, BU571520, BU551617, BU583498, BU583659, BU605205, BU704558, BU706671, BU757363, BU842669, BU843124, BU843483, BU843806, BU843986, BU850865, BU850916, BU851421, BU898755, BU935767, BU945859, CA318586, CA323164, CA455795, CA456079, CA457022, CA457052, CA457093, CA457887, CA457932, CA458014, CA458133, CA458838, CA459875, CA460434, CA461104, CA462408, CA462423, CA462494, CA462804, CA462832, CA463720, CA465230, CA465682, CA468570, CA469570, CA478125, CA478713, CA478921, CA479826, CA479954, CA480323, CA481399, CA491556, CA491770, CA491909, CA492708, CA493319, CA493320, CA493656, CA494365, CA496820, CA527375
Mm.325823 AV028990, AV067532, AV093570, AV097586, AV105210, AV105261, AV127577, BB725072, BM899066
Mm.371611 BY076551, BY110632, BY228095, BY356534, BY461347, BY520121, BY584113, BY585760, BY673756, W53716, W59505, W80153, AA036204, D77233, AA219791, AA289995, AA543837, AA589187, AA606346, AA614987, AA645597, AA670588, AA691264, AA756819, AA760026, AA823458, AA981912, AI156340, AV027517, AV031226, AV035498, AV036024, AV044869, AV044919, AV044926, AV047238, AV005404, AV005585, AV002963, AV004201, AV050629, AV053079, AV053628, AV055549, AV056866, AV060539, AV060814, AV084643, AV098733, AV099564, AV100571, AV102747, AV105188, AV105349, AV105533, AV107242, AV133340, AV123873, AV124121, AV124463, AV125420, AV129289, AV130179, AV130213, AV132658, AV135978, AV137472, AV138617, AV151057, AV154908, AI851912, AV206421, AV208749, AV208765, AV209763, AV210893, AV210964, AV162038, AV264251, AV365950, AV372725, BB020533, BB026350, BB073308, BB189972, BB313311, BB375068, BB431394, BB513063, BB530874, BE656136, BF168075, BB320596, BE944981, BE991233, BB562478, BB562577, BB563086, BB565399, BB567045, BI134746, BI082886, BI150957, BB724523, BM022777, BM023058, BB838214, BB834298, BM069012, BM069279, BB684733, BU531247, BU551754, BU552131, BU756619, BU843502, BU935993, BU962334, BU962414, BU962423, BU962446, BU962552, BU962557, CA462230, CA462729, CA478146, CA479020, CA479472, CA481222, CA493795
Mm.411569 BI715902
Mm.436732 BY462906, BY585208, AA050103, AA511282, AA529258, AI155829, AA930438, AV029671, AV030458, AV034350, AV035466, AV038622, AV047525, AV004778, AV004819, AV004066, AV059761, AV060015, AV060554, AV105586, AV109787, AV112624, AV117916, AV123585, AV124455, AV128237, AV129225, AV129945, AV130269, AV130305, AV131588, AV132236, AV144640, AV151603, AV172181, AV159721, AV205332, AV207624, AV218334, BF144127, BQ567326, BQ746985, BU844285, BU847780, CA458861
Mm.437216 AV110628
Mm.469034 BB562881, BB566967
Mm.4742 AW544591
NO LONGER IN UNIGENE AA039188, AA546985, AA607405, AA734884, AI480469, AV041497, AV132035, AW547542, BE573505, BB581046, BB568249, BQ417740, BU699114, BU847397, BU962544, CA456474, CA456899, CA457491, CA463040, CA467302, CA479898
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